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DCCC Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Abortion Ban Ruling

Arizona now has one of the most extreme abortion bans in the country 

Today the Arizona Supreme Court ruled to reinstate its archaic 1864 abortion ban that not only bans almost all abortions, but has a mandatory prison sentence for doctors or nurses who aid women in receiving abortions.

DCCC Spokesperson Lauryn Fanguen responded with the following statement: 

“Thanks to anti-choice extremists, women in Arizona are now living under a Civil War-era abortion ban that strips them of any bodily autonomy and criminalizes health care workers. Voters know that Juan Ciscomani and David Schweikert have been working overtime to restrict access to abortion care. Whether it’s voting to restrict medication abortion or co-sponsoring a nationwide abortion ban, time and time again Ciscomani and Schweikert have made it clear that they will side with anti-abortion zealots over Arizona women.

“Today Arizonans are mourning the loss of their rights. In November, they’ll respond at the ballot box and vote against politicians like Juan Ciscomani and David Schweikert who are hell-bent on controlling women and bringing this country backwards.”


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