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DCCC Statement on Vulnerable Fitzpatrick’s Self-Serving Political Calculation

Responding to Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s statement that he does not plan to vote for the House Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act, DCCC spokesman Evan Lukaske issued the following statement on his cold political calculation:

“After fueling the Republican flames for Obamacare repeal and promising to defund Planned Parenthood on the campaign trail, Representative Fitzpatrick has suddenly gotten cold feet. It’s clear that this last-minute Facebook statement is nothing more than a self-serving political calculation designed to save his own skin.

“Make no mistake—it won’t work. The Republican bill defunds essential health benefits for Pennsylvania women, imposes an age tax on older Americans and strips healthcare from millions. Fitzpatrick will be held accountable for every part of this disastrous plan.”

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