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DCCC Targets Tom Kean Jr., Who Put Loyalty to Party Politics Over Public Safety

DCCC launches billboard campaign in NJ-07 calling out Kean Jr.’s refusal to condemn Trump’s call to defund law enforcement 

This week, the DCCC is launching a billboard campaign to highlight Tom Kean Jr.’s decision to place party politics over public safety by refusing to condemn Donald Trump’s call for Congressional Republicans to defund law enforcement. The billboard will be up as New Jerseyans are on the road for Memorial Day.

Click HERE to download an image of the billboard.

Last month, disgraced, criminally indicted, and twice-impeached ex-President Donald Trump called on Kean Jr. and Congressional Republicans to “defund the DOJ and FBI.” When asked to simply comment on Trump’s call to defund agencies that keep Americans safe, Kean Jr. “didn’t provide any comment on whether they back Trump’s calls to defund the FBI and DOJ.

Over the next 17 months, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will continue to hold Tom Kean Jr. – who repeatedly aligns himself with extreme MAGA Republicans, often at the expense of the safety of our communities – accountable. 

DCCC spokesperson Viet Shelton:
“Tom Kean Jr. – who time and time again attempts to paint himself as a pro public safety moderate – has shamelessly refused to condemn the twice-impeached, criminally-indicted former president’s call to defund the law enforcement agencies that keep New Jerseyans safe. Kean Jr. has put party politics over public safety – and we won’t let Americans forget.”

REMINDER: Last month, Tom Kean Jr. and House Republicans voted for the ‘Default on America Act,’ which would strip away federal funding for state and local law enforcement officers and eliminate thousands of positions at the FBI.


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