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Democrats Vote to Fund Police, Republicans Against

Today, House Democrats passed a package of bills that will boost public safety, fund policing, and give mental health professionals resources to serve communities. Republicans overwhelmingly voted against a package that:

  • Provides grants for police training and recruitment.

  • Equips mental health professionals with resources and funding to effectively respond to mental health crises.

  • Provides funding to enhance community violence intervention and prevention programs.

  • Makes investments in technology to help local investigators close unsolved cases, especially homicides.

Last year, Democrats signed into law the American Rescue Plan, which included $350 billion in support for state and local governments, including to fund police and first responders. Democrats also secured millions in appropriations for local police.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia: 
“Unlike Republicans, House Democrats are fighting to protect communities and fund just policing. Republicans would rather spew hateful rhetoric and lie about Democrats’ record than work towards solutions.”


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