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Desperate and Spineless, Kevin McCarthy Avoids Condemning Donald Trump and GOP Powerbroker Marjorie Taylor Greene

Just how desperate is Kevin McCarthy in his bid for speaker of the House? Today, when asked for response on former disgraced president Donald Trump dining with antisemite Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes, McCarthy offered a pathetic response that didn’t explicitly condemn Trump. Instead McCarthy falsely claimed Trump condemned Fuentes and his ideology and even defended Trump saying he “didn’t know who he was.

Reminder: When GOP powerbrokers Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene campaigned alongside Fuentes, McCarthy made no effort to punish his white supremacist sympathizing members. And when asked today whether he would punish members who attend events with Fuentes, McCarthy refused to say yes.

McCarthy simply doesn’t have enough votes for speaker right now. Worried he will lose even more support from his conference, he is continuing to cower to some of the most extreme and dangerous elements of his own party.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia: 
“Kevin McCarthy’s refusal to condemn the very people who amplify antisemitism and white supremacy is providing a platform for these repulsive ideologies to continue to grow within the Republican party. It’s disgraceful and dangerous.”


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