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D’Esposito Accidentally Confesses His Support for Republicans’ National Abortion Ban

“Don’t quote me on this,” D’Esposito pleads during an interview

GOP extremist Anthony D’Esposito just revealed his true radical anti-choice colors.

Despite trying to insist a woman’s right to an abortion in New York is protected, D’Esposito confirmed he likely would vote for a 15-week abortion ban in Congress.

Extreme anti-choice Republicans in Congress have already introduced a national abortion ban at 15 weeks, and are eager to vote on it should more anti-choice extremists like D’Esposito join them in Washington.

Read D’Esposito’s blunder for yourself:

GOBA: Would you vote for a 15-week ban

D’ESPOSITO: Um, probably

GOBA: Because that’s kind of on the table right now.

D’ESPOSITO: I am completely against late-term abortion.

D’ESPOSITO SPOKESMAN: We’d have to see the bill.

GOBA: It’s 15 weeks.

SPOKESMAN: Yeah, I wouldn’t, like,  quote anything.

“Anthony D’Esposito can’t be trusted,” said DCCC spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre. “He just told us himself that he would join extreme Washington Republicans in banning abortion nationwide. He’s a danger to women and girls on Long Island, and way too extreme to represent this community.”


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