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Does Beth Van Duyne Believe “Opposing Perspectives” on the Holocaust Should be Taught In Southlake?

New Texas Republican law forces teachers in TX-24 to discuss if they need to teach “opposing perspectives” on the Holocaust

Yesterday, a recorded conversation between teachers and administrators in Southlake, TX shed light on the dangerous consequences of a new Republican law in Texas: Forcing educators to teach “opposing” perspectives on every controversial topic which, according to a top school administrator in TX-24, could even include topics like the Holocaust.

The disturbing conversation is the result of the Texas Republican Party’s attempt to censor teachers and politicize the curriculum for Texas students with House Bill 3979, which “limits what public school students can be taught about racism.” Rep. Beth Van Duyne (TX-24) herself has advocated for policies that would limit what educators can teach in classrooms across her district and the state.

Texans deserve to know: Does Beth Van Duyne stand with teachers in TX-24, or does she agree with the Texas Republican law that is forcing educators to consider teaching “opposing perspectives” on the Holocaust?

“It’s beyond disturbing that teachers in Beth Van Duyne’s district are being forced to consider teaching Holocaust denialism as a result of Texas Republicans’ continued attacks on the classroom,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “Beth Van Duyne must immediately explain to Texans where she stands on this issue: with teachers and educators, or with her fellow Texas Republicans.”


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