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Does Beth Van Duyne Support Texas Republicans’ Attempts to Suppress Voters in TX-24?

As the Texas GOP threatens to call a special session to ram through voter suppression legislation, Van Duyne is nowhere to be found

The Texas Legislative Session adjourned sine die before the Texas GOP could succeed in passing their draconian voter suppression law – but the Republican attacks on voting rights in the Lone Star State are just beginning.

S.B. 7, “an expansive bill that would touch nearly the entire voting process,” is one of the most restrictive anti-voting rights bills in the country and includes provisions to ban drive-thru voting, 24-hour early voting locations, and voting on Sunday mornings. As Texas Tribune reports, local elections officials have raised the alarm that this bill would disproportionately disenfranchise Black and Hispanic voters.

As Texas Republicans threaten to call a special legislative session for another chance to force their voter suppression agenda through, voters in TX-24 need to know: Does Rep. Beth Van Duyne support making it harder for her constituents to cast their ballots with “one of the most stringent” voter suppression bills in the country?

“As Texas Republicans double down on forcing through one of the most restrictive anti-voting rights laws in the country, Beth Van Duyne is nowhere to be found,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “If Beth Van Duyne can’t stand up to her party on something as basic as protecting her constituents’ right to vote, she certainly can’t be counted on to stand up for Texans in Washington.”


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