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Does Prasanth Reddy Support Trump’s National Abortion Ban?

After Donald Trump kicked off the new year by celebrating his “miracle” efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade, he is now seeking a national abortion ban.

Prasanth Reddy has refused to answer basic questions about Trump and reproductive freedom, hiding his out-of-touch positions from Kansas voters. But after Reddy was endorsed by Elise Stefanik who is only backing candidates who are “committed to electing President Trump,” it’s time for Reddy to come clean:

Does Reddy endorse Trump for president? Does he support Trump’s latest call for a national abortion ban?

DCCC Spokesperson Mallory Payne:
“Prasanth Reddy is hiding from Kansans because he knows he’s out of touch and too extreme. Voters deserve to know whether he supports Donald Trump and his dangerous national abortion ban.”


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