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Drowning in Crises, Fired Cop Troy Nehls Attacks Sex Trafficking Survivor and Family

With his campaign out of money, fired cop Troy Nehls heads to social media to respond to 2020’s most brutal ad by attacking a sex trafficking survivor and her family

As Texans head to the polls for the first day of early voting, TX-22 Republican candidate Troy Nehls continues to show all the competence of a man who was fired as a police officer, mishandled and destroyed evidence, and lied about his criminal record.

On Friday, the Republican runoff in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District was jolted by a brutal attack ad by GOP candidate Kathaleen Wall featuring the family of a local sex trafficking survivor tearing into Nehls’ record on sex trafficking and for “shaming and blaming” them in Nehls’ role as Fort Bend County Sheriff.

On Saturday, Nehls responded by lamenting how little money he has in his campaign account and dispatching one of his lieutenants to go after the survivor’s family. Whipped into a frenzy, Nehls’ online supporters are now attacking the family on social media as well.

Nehls is facing triple crises as his hapless campaign limps into the July 14 runoff out of money and unable to defend him on the air.

First, coronavirus is surging across Nehls’ community after he all-but-declared victory and opposed a commonsense public health order to wear masks.

Second, a news report revealed staff and inmates inside of Sheriff Nehls’ jails have been infected with coronavirus after Nehls bragged he had “not a single positive test. NOT ONE” in his jails.

Third: Wall’s ad, noting Nehls repeatedly downplayed human trafficking in his county.

“Here’s the bad news for fired cop Troy Nehls: coronavirus is surging across his community after he said masks were stupid, Nehls’ jails and employees are infected with coronavirus after he bragged they were virus-free and his campaign is out of money and resorting to attacking a sex trafficking survivor after he denied sex trafficking was a problem,” DCCC Spokesman Avery Jaffe said. “Here’s the good news for Troy Nehls: he’ll have plenty more evidence to destroy after he loses this campaign.”



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