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Elise Stefanik Resorts to Shady Backroom Deal Making

Today brings the latest proof that Elise Stefanik and the Washington insiders who are pulling her campaign’s puppet strings are resorting to shady backroom deals. Stefanik’s special interest allies nominated Matt Doheny for a judgeship in Brooklyn, more than 300 miles away from his home in the North Country – all in a crooked attempt to prevent Doheny from appearing on the ballot on the Independence Party line in the November election.

“Leave it to a professional political operative like Elise Stefanik to make a backroom deal to get her opponent nominated off the ballot,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Stefanik and her insider friends know that there are countless Republicans who are eager to vote for anyone but her because they know she will stack the deck in favor of the special interests and the ultra-wealthy who are bankrolling her campaign and then shift the burden to hard working New Yorkers.”


Doheny Nominated for a Judgeship, Knocking Him Off the Independence Line. In September 2014, Doheny was nominated by the Conservative party to run for a state Supreme Court judgeship in Brooklyn, allowing his name to be taken off the Independence Party line on the ballot for New York’s 21st Congressional District. [New York State of Politics Blog, 9/23/14]

Stefanik Given Independence Line. Immediately after Doheny’s nomination and subsequent removal from the ballot, Independence Party leaders met and voted to give their line to Stefanik. [New York State of Politics Blog, 9/23/14]



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