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EMBARRASSING! Darlene Miller Snubbed By Rep. Tom Emmer

Once touted as the establishment pick of Minnesota’s 2nd District, Darlene Miller has lagged in fundraising, failed to win the support of even one delegate, and has been dogged by reminders of her outsourcing past. Darlene even decided to remove her name from the GOP endorsement ballot since no delegate was going to vote for her.

Now it seems that Darlene’s past supporters are turning their backs as fast as they can: even Tea Party favorite Tom Emmer – who once touted Darlene as a model businesswoman before she ruined his 2010 press conference by lying about accepting stimulus money and then trying to physically hide behind him at the podium – has now whole-heartedly embraced the GOP-endorsed candidate, Jason Lewis.

Maybe it was Darlene’s lackluster fundraising and obvious disregard for the delegate process that turned Emmer off. Or maybe it’s the fact that Darlene boasts on her company’s website about outsourcing American jobs to China and India?

“Even former fan and Tea Party conservative Tom Emmer is turning his back on Darlene Miller because it’s clear her non-existent campaign is a one-way ticket to nowhere,” said Sacha Haworth of the DCCC.

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