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Erik Paulsen Announces Plans to Throw His Vote Away

Paulsen says he’ll write in Marco Rubio, meaning his ballot won’t be counted


Erik Paulsen, faced with what should be an easy choice between a well-qualified public servant and an alleged serial sexual predator, today threw up his hands and decided not to decide.


Giving his first on-camera interview in 64 days, Paulsen told reporters that he’d be writing in Marco Rubio for president. This is two months after Paulsen declared that although Donald Trump could still earn his vote, he was definitely not voting for Hillary Clinton – and he “didn’t think any candidate necessarily has to be in a position denouncing anybody running for president.”


By choosing not to vote for anyone on the ballot, Paulsen has decided not to lift a finger to prevent Trump, who national security experts say would be the “most reckless president in American history,” from becoming Commander in Chief.


“Minnesotans expect their elected officials to show leadership, but Erik Paulsen today decided to vote ‘present’ instead of standing up to the historically dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump,” said DCCC Spokeswoman Sacha Haworth. “Paulsen tries to pretend to take a stand, but while Trump was denigrating war heroes and calling women ‘fat pigs,’ Paulsen was saying he expected to vote for him. And now his philosophy of not ‘denouncing anybody running for president’ is clear: when it comes time for him to do the one thing that could actually stop Trump – voting – Paulsen is doing nothing. That is not leadership.”

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