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Erik Paulsen Doubles Down on Trump Support

Erik Paulsen just doubled down on his support for Donald Trump, saying “he expects to vote for the nominee.” This comes a day after both Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out, leaving Trump as the party’s presumptive nominee. And despite another poll – this time from the Minneapolis Star Tribune – showing Trump is underwater in Minnesota.

‘Rep. Erik Paulsen, facing what’s expected to be a tough challenge from a DFL state senator in the Third Congressional District, also responded via statement from a spokesman. “Like a lot of voters, Erik has problems with both Trump and Clinton but expects to vote for the nominee,” said his campaign manager, John-Paul Yates.’ [Star Tribune, 5/5/2016]

Furthermore, Congressman Paulsen’s district is exactly the type where Trump performs terribly – as one local editorial board recently pointed out. And with state Senator Terri Bonoff making this race even more competitive, stating she was running against partisan politics from the start, local speculation about Paulsen’s reelection chances has already begun.

Plus, it can’t help Paulsen’s self-esteem to learn that only half of 3rd District voters even know who he is, right?

“Congressman Erik Paulsen’s claim of being moderate just went out the window when he said he ‘expects to vote’ for Donald Trump as the nominee,” said Sacha Haworth of the DCCC. “As, one by one, each rational Republican, including both former President Bushes, denounces Trump and his dangerous policies, Paulsen actually doubled down on his support.”

Read the rest of the Star Tribune’s story here.

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