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Failed Former Congressman David Valadao Won’t Pay His Workers But Will Pad His Campaign Coffers

Valadao Milked His Family Dairies For Campaign Cash While Leaving Farm Workers & Creditors Penniless

Failed former Congressman David Valadao is using his bankrupt dairy farm to prop up his Congressional campaign, with the farm contributing nearly $17,000 to his campaign coffers, including $1,950 in the 4th quarter of 2019.

That wouldn’t be a big deal, but while the farm shoveled money into his campaign account, Valadao and his farm​ing operation refused to pay workers as he declared bankruptcy. 

Last year another one of Valadao’s family dairy businesses – Triple V Dairy – settled allegations they denied their own workers a minimum wage and failed to pay them overtime. Unsurprisingly,  Valadao NEVER paid out the $325,000 settlement his farm workers were owed, instead calling it “frivolous.”

THEN in 2018, the news broke that Valadao and Triple V Dairy were sued for ripping off a local farm supply business – allegedly receiving more than $1 million in products without paying the bill. Then in another lawsuit, Valadao and Triple V Dairy allegedly didn’t pay creditors defaulting on another bill worth $9 million.

What is clear is that this is not the first, second, nor third time that Valadao and his failed farming operation has stiffed Central Valley workers and businesses.

“When Valadao isn’t pushing the Trump agenda on Central Valley voters, he’s taking a page from the Trump playbook: abusing workers, shortchanging business partners, and filing for bankruptcy instead of owning up to his debts and financial mistakes. And now he’s claiming he doesn’t have the money to pay hardworking farmhands, while routing that money into a political campaign. With practices this crooked, it’s no wonder he supported Trump 98% of the time he was in Washington,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. 


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