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Family Feud Continues: Riggleman Received His First Primary Challenge

Last week we said that nobody wins when the family feuds, and this beef is only getting messier…

First, Denver Riggleman’s own party started rallying against him, censuring him for failing to “represent the will of the constituents of Rappahannock County.”

Local GOP leaders even warned that someone would step-up to primary him from the right. Well, Riggleman just received a primary challenger.


Riggleman’s path to re-election continues to be an uphill battle now that Bob Good, a Campbell County Supervisor and Liberty University athletic director, plans to run against Riggleman. Good said he’s running because “it’s my contention and many others that he [Riggleman] has so severely damaged himself within the party that he’s made himself unelectable in a general race next November.”

“We warned that family feuds could get ugly and it seems like things have gone from bad to worse for Denver Riggleman,” said DCCC spokesperson Christine Bennett. “I’ll put it this way, the odds of him keeping this seat aren’t getting any better.”



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