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FEC Flagged Steve Chabot’s Campaign 21 Times Since 2013

After multiple repeated campaign finance irregularities and deep ties to Jim and Jamie Schwartz, Congressman Chabot’s claims of victimhood ring hollow

Today in Cincinnati, Southwest Ohio leaders are raising serious questions about the culture of corruption Congressman Steve Chabot has surrounded himself with and shedding new light on Chabot’s years and years of campaign finance irregularities.

Since 2013, authorities at the Federal Election Commission have sent 21 different letters to Congressman Chabot’s campaign – including the August 27, 2019 FEC correspondence triggering Chabot’s latest scandal.

Meanwhile, Jim and Jamie Schwartz – the father and son duo quickly emerging at the center of the scandal roiling Southwest Ohio’s political scene – have deep, longstanding and well-known ties to Chabot’s campaign. So deep that Chabot’s lawyers, in an attempt to distance themselves, referred to the elder Schwartz merely as a nameless “campaign treasurer.” Huh?

Even more curious is the rushed attempt made by Chabot’s lawyers to pre-emptively claim victimhood on the part of the embattled congressman, raising obvious questions Congressman Chabot must answer about what he knew and when he knew it.

“Congressman Chabot’s newest scandal is just the latest example of the malfeasance and corruption that Chabot surrounds his office with wherever he goes,” DCCC spokesperson Avery Jaffe said. “Here’s a simple question for Steve Chabot’s lawyers: What did Congressman Chabot know and when did he know it?”

Below, please find 21 instances since 2013 of the FEC flagging campaign finance irregularities by Steve Chabot’s campaign:

  1. RFAI: April Quarterly 2019– Filed 8/27/19
  2. RFAI: Post-General 2018– Filed 12/18/18
  3. RFAI: Pre-General 2018– Filed 12/11/18
  4. RFAI: October Quarterly 2018– Filed 12/11/18
  5. RFAI: July Quarterly 2018– Filed 8/19/18
  6. RFAI: April Quarterly 2018– Filed 5/31/18
  7. RFAI: Year End 2017– Filed 7/29/18
  8. RFAI: October Quarterly 2017– Filed 11/5/17
  9. RFAI: July Quarterly 2017– Filed 8/3/17
  10. RFAI: April Quarterly 2017– Filed 6/11/17
  11. RFAI: Post-General 2016– Filed 2/14/17
  12. RFAI: October Quarterly 2016– Filed 11/24/16
  13. RFAI: July Quarterly 2016– Filed 8/21/16
  14. RFAI: April Quarterly 2016– Filed 4/26/16
  15. RFAI: July Quarterly 2015– Filed 8/5/15
  16. RFAI: April Quarterly 2015– Filed 5/14/15
  17. RFAI: Post-General 2014– Filed 1/6/15
  18. RFAI: April Quarterly 2014– Filed 5/28/14
  19. RFAI: Year-End 2013– Filed 3/11/14
  20. RFAI: October Quarterly 2013– Filed 12/3/13
  21. RFAI: July Quarterly 2013– Filed 8/9/13


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