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Fitzpatrick Donor, 1/6 Organizer Subpoenaed

Will He Offer This Suspected Insurrectionist Legal Advice Too? 

More January 6th headaches for faux moderate Brian Fitzpatrick. He opposed impeachment, despite blaming Trump for the Capitol insurrection. He supported the 1/6 commission, then he opposed it.

Now, Politico is reporting Fitzpatrick donor Caroline Wren has been subpoenaed by the January 6th select committee over her involvement as a “top organizer” of the events on January 5th and 6th.  Wren has also donated to other vulnerable GOP Reps. John Katko and Maria Elvira Salazar. 

Just two weeks ago, Rolling Stone reported the close legal, political, and financial relationship Fitzpatrick had with a 1/6 bus trip organizer and supporter, Jim Worthington. The report detailed Fitzpatrick giving legal advice to Worthington before he spoke with the FBI, drafting legislation to benefit Worthington’s company, and raising thousands of dollars from and with Worthington.

Will Fitzpatrick, who has already returned donations from Rep. Matt Gaetz this year, return these donations or will he stick with his radical political patrons?

DCCC Spokesman James Singer

“More January 6th connections and reckless votes continue to scuff the faux moderate image Brian Fitzpatrick is selling in Washington. Fitzpatrick has a clear choice, he can side with his radical political donors or our country. Return the donations now.”


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