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FL-26 to Lose $92,500,000 annually if Curbelo Fails to Protect DREAMers & Pass the DREAM Act

It has been more than a month since President Trump callously revoked DACA, a program that has helped more than 800,000 law-abiding, hardworking young immigrants. Trump kicked it over to Congress and gave them a 6-month period to protect DREAMers through the legislative process. Shamefully, Rep. Curbelo is still refusing to support the only bipartisan, bicameral bill: the DREAM Act.

As each day goes by with Curbelo’s name absent from the DREAM Act, we are reminded that the lives of over 800,000 DREAMers are at constant risk as a result of House Republicans’ failed leadership. To clarify how reckless this is, beyond being morally bankrupt, deporting law-abiding DREAMers from FL-26 would literally cost the local economy millions of dollars. A recent study by the University of Southern California and the Center of American Progress shows that in Curbelo’s district, the GDP would decrease by $92,500,000 per year.

“Passing the bipartisan DREAM Act is not only a moral imperative, it’s also a critical pro-growth policy for our economy,” said Cole Leiter, DCCC spokesperson. “Curbelo’s opposition to the DREAM Act is yet another example of his failure to deliver for his hardworking constituents.” 

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