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Following Marching Orders from Big Pharma Backers, Hinson Stands Against Cutting Costs, Reducing Inflation

Big Pharma lobbying group sends letter to every Member of Congress directing them to vote against the Inflation Reduction Act

Yesterday, Ashley Hinson received her marching orders from Big Pharma, demanding she vote against legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs for working families.

The Inflation Reduction Act will lower the cost of prescription drugs, reduce the deficit, and lower inflation at a time when Iowans need it most.

Hinson claims to want to lower costs and bring down prescription drug prices. But, to no one’s surprise, Hinson chose to side with the drug companies who want to keep prescription drug costs high instead of helping to make life more affordable for her constituents.

REMINDER: When she had the chance to cap the cost of lifesaving insulin to $35 this spring, Hinson voted NO, despite bragging about supporting an insulin price cap just weeks prior.

DCCC Spokesperson Matt Corridoni:
“Time and time again, Ashley Hinson sides with Washington special interests over hardworking Iowa families. Now she’s received the latest demands from Big Pharma to vote against reducing inflation and cutting the costs of prescription drugs, and she has decided to follow orders instead of lowering costs for her constituents. Iowans can’t afford Hinson’s hypocrisy.”


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