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Frank Guinta Jumps on Team Trump

Frank Guinta finally came out of the woodwork (somewhat) on Donald Trump. In an interview with NHPR, Congressman Frank Guinta said that Donald Trump is a “good thing for the country.”

You know, Donald Trump, the guy who yesterday advocated for an abortion ban and “some form of punishment” for women who undergo the procedure if outlawed.

The guy whose campaign manager was charged with battery over allegations that he grabbed a reporter. Trump even blamed the victim.

Trump and Cruz’s nasty spar over their spouses heightened tensions so much that now the remaining candidates have walked away from their respective pledges to support the eventual nominee.

And on national security, Republican national experts warn that Trump’s reckless rhetoric and dangerous views would make America less safe.

“It’s alarming that Frank Guinta thinks Donald Trump is a ‘good thing for the country,’ given that Trump relentlessly demeans women and holds dangerous views that threaten our national security,” said Bryan Lesswing at the DCCC. “No matter how much he tries to hide from the dumpster fire that has engulfed the Republican Party, Frank Guinta will inseparably be tied to Trump as his party’s standard bearer

Please see below an excerpt from NHPR or read the full piece here:

New Hampshire voted for Donald Trump in the GOP Primary. Will you support Donald Trump if he’s the GOP nominee for president?

You know I’ve said that I’ll support the nominee of the Republican party. We’re going through a presidential primary process that I think is very unique because of the frustration that people have with the challenges that our nation has had economically and the leadership style that has been presented by this president. I very much respect the primary process, and I think we ought to let that process continue.

So you don’t believe as some other Republicans have said that Donald Trump would be very bad for the country?

I look at it very differently. I think there’s an opportunity to reach out to those voters who have voted for the first time, or who are dormant voters who decided to vote because they saw inspiration in something that Donald Trump said. So, any time you bring more people to the table – and I would argue on the other side of the aisle with Bernie Sanders – any time you’re bringing more people to the table to engage in the political process in voting, in utilizing that privilege, I think it’s a good thing for the country.

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