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Fundraising Fail: Scott Taylor Burns Through Cash

Entering 2020 With Less Than $200K Cash-on-Hand, Taylor Ended Senate Race With Staggering 101% Burn Rate

Things aren’t looking too pretty in retread Congressional and failed Senatorial candidate Scott Taylor’s newest FEC report.

Taylor, who has admitted that he has always “failed forward,” is burning through cash at a staggering rate of 101 percent. Maybe that’s why he abandoned his Senate race and returned to run in the district he lost last cycle.

REMINDER: Taylor lost his re-election bid after his campaign became embroiled in a scandal as his team was found using taxpayer-funded resources to do his political dirty work. It comes as no surprise, then, that among Taylor’s exorbitant spending last quarter was several thousand dollars for legal consulting.

“Money talks, and Scott Taylor’s spending is yelling ‘I’m struggling’ into the void,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “If his Senate aspirations are any indication, we predict his retread candidacy won’t fare much better.”


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