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FUNDRAISING ROUNDUP: Over 40 Democratic challengers out-raise GOP incumbents in Q1 of 2018

The fundraising results for the first quarter of 2018 have put a spotlight on many of the incredible Democratic candidates who are building robust, grassroots-driven campaigns. Clearly, these candidates will be well equipped to tell their impressive stories straight to voters.

These totals also expose a shockingly large number of House Republicans who are ill-prepared for their reelections and have not caught on to the significant headwinds they face.

“Democratic candidates are out-working and out-organizing vulnerable Republican incumbents across the largest House battlefield in over a decade,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “The reality is that a significant number of Republican incumbents have proven complacent and unable to locate those old campaign muscles. In contrast, Democratic campaigns are fueled by a surge of energy and grassroots donations, ensuring that they will have the resources needed to tell their stories and outline their records of service to voters.”

  • AK-AL: Alyse Galvin ($284k Q1) > Don Young ($103k Q1)
  • AR-02: Clarke Tucker ($505k Q1) > French Hill ($376k Q1)
  • CA-01: Jessica Holcombe ($146k Q1) > Doug LaMalfa ($130k Q1)
  • CA-04: Jessica Morse ($357k Q1) > Tom McClintock ($326k Q1). Morse has more COH than McClintock – $715k to $676k.
  • CA-08: Marge Doyle ($169k Q1) > Paul Cook ($125K Q1)
  • CA-25: Katie Hill ($420k Q1) > Steve Knight ($346k Q1)
  • CA-48: Harley Rouda ($562k Q1) & Hans Keirstead ($404k Q1) > Dana Rohrabacher ($352k Q1). Rouda has more COH than Rohrabacher – $1.1m to $901k.
  • GA-07: Carolyn Bourdeaux ($220k Q1) & David Kim ($159k Q1) > Rob Woodall ($155k Q1)
  • IA-01: Abby Finkenauer ($482k Q1) > Rod Blum ($303k Q1)
  • IA-04: J.D. Scholten ($220k Q1) > Steve King ($124k Q1). Scholten has more COH than King – $271k to $76k.
  • IL-12: Brendan Kelly ($585k Q1) > Mike Bost ($535k Q1)
  • IN-09: Liz Watson ($200k Q1) > Trey Hollingsworth ($190k Q1)
  • IL-14: Lauren Underwood ($465k Q1) > Randy Hultgren ($360K Q1)
  • KY-06: Jim Gray ($794k Q1) > Andy Barr ($756k Q1)
  • MI-01: Matthew Morgan ($202k Q1) > Jack Bergman ($146k Q1). Morgan has more COH than Bergman – $317k to $307k.
  • MI-06: George Franklin ($208k Q1) > Fred Upton ($172k Q1)
  • MI-07: Gretchen Driskell ($325k Q1) > Tim Walberg ($282k Q1)
  • MI-08: Elissa Slotkin ($801k Q1) > Mike Bishop ($456k Q1). Slotkin has more COH than Bishop – $1.34m to $1.30m.
  • MN-02: Angie Craig ($531k Q1) > Jason Lewis ($285k Q1)
  • NC-09: Dan McCready ($615k Q1) > Robert Pittenger ($351k Q1). McCready has more COH than Pittenger – $1.3m to $253k.
  • NC-13: Kathy Manning ($622k Q1) > Ted Budd ($288k Q1). Manning has more COH than Budd – $1m to $514k.
  • NJ-03: Andy Kim ($530k Q1) > Tom MacArthur ($302k Q1)
  • NJ-07: Tom Malinowski ($479k Q1) > Leonard Lance ($316k Q1)
  • NY-11: Max Rose ($573k Q1) > Dan Donovan ($305k Q1) and Michael Grimm ($190k Q1). Rose has more COH ($891k) than either Donovan ($739k) or Grimm ($332k).
  • NY-22: Anthony Brindisi ($515k Q1) > Claudia Tenney ($371k Q1). Brindisi has more COH than Tenney – $946k to $739k.
  • OH-01: Aftab Pureval ($664k Q1) > Steve Chabot ($171k Q1)
  • OH-07: Ken Harbaugh ($441k Q1) > Bob Gibbs ($113k Q1)
  • OH-10: Theresa Gasper ($210k Q1) > Mike Turner ($104k Q1)
  • OH-14: Betsy Rader ($277k Q1) > Dave Joyce ($244k Q1)
  • PA-01: Scott Wallace ($1.1m Q1) > Brian Fitzpatrick ($488k Q1)
  • PA-10: Eric Ding ($170k Q1) & Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson ($162k Q1) > Scott Perry ($97k Q1)
  • PA-11: Jess King ($182k Q1) > Lloyd Smucker ($125k Q1)
  • PA-16: Ron DiNicola ($208k Q1) > Mike Kelly ($186k Q1)
  • PA-17: Conor Lamb ($2.6m post-special) > Keith Rothfus ($443k Q1). Lamb has more COH than Rothfus – $1.7m to $1.5m.
  • SC-01: Joe Cunningham ($222k Q1) > Mark Sanford ($164k Q1)
  • TN-04: Mariah Phillips ($60k Q1) > Scott DesJarlais ($55k Q1)
  • TX-23: Gina Ortiz-Jones ($708k Q1) > Will Hurd ($620k Q1)
  • TX-31: MJ Hegar ($263k Q1) > John Carter ($174k Q1)
  • TX-36: Dayna Steele ($194k total Q1) > Brian Babin ($125k total Q1)
  • VA-05: R.D. Huffstetler ($260k Q1) & Leslie Cockburn ($193k Q1) > Tom Garrett ($126k Q1). Huffstetler ($436k) and Cockburn ($300k) both have more COH than Garrett ($142k).
  • VA-07: Abigail Spanberger ($338k Q1) > Dave Brat ($249k Q1)
  • WI-06: Dan Kohl ($354k Q1) > Glenn Grothman ($276k Q1). Kohl has more COH than Grothman – $842k to $705k.
  • WV-01: Ralph Baxter ($290k Q1) > David McKinley ($204k Q1)

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