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FUNDRAISING ROUNDUP: 54 Democratic challengers out-raise 43 GOP incumbents in Q4 of 2017; Vulnerable Republicans burning through their cash

The fourth quarter of 2017 was another telling sign that momentum continues to grow and the grassroots energy is firmly behind Democrats. Notably, over 50 Democratic candidates out-raised over 40 Republican incumbents. In the third quarter of 2017, 35 Republican incumbents were outraised, clarifying that this is a pattern, not an isolated incident. Notably, Republicans are also burning through their campaign funds at a shocking rate, decimating the cash on hand advantage that is expected of incumbents.

“Democratic candidates across the country are out-hustling and out-organizing Republican incumbents, many of whom have not faced a competitive challenge in a very long time and are struggling to find those old campaign muscles,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “While Speaker Ryan’s Super PAC and the Koch brothers will dump unprecedented money into the midterms, our candidates are fueled by grassroots donations and they will have the resources they need to tell their stories and outline their records of service to voters.”

  • CA-01: Jessica Holcombe ($146k Q4) > Doug LaMalfa ($130k Q4)
  • CA-04: Jessica Morse ($293k Q4) & Regina Bateson ($255k Q4) > Tom McClintock ($215k Q4). Morse has more COH than McClintock.
  • CA-08: Marge Doyle ($178k Q4) > Paul Cook ($127k Q4)
  • CA-25: Katie Hill ($252k Q4) > Steve Knight ($240k Q4)
  • CA-45: Katie Porter ($267k Q4) & Brian Forde ($403k Q4)  > Mimi Walters ($253k Q4)
  • CA-48: Hans Keirstead ($402k Q4) & Harley Rouda ($626k Q4) > Dana Rohrabacher ($272k Q4). Rouda has more COH than Rohrabacher.
  • CA-50: Josh Butner ($107k) & Ammar Campa Najjar ($176k Q4) > Duncan Hunter ($50k Q4).
  • CO-06: Jason Crow ($276k Q4) > Mike Coffman ($241k Q4)
  • FL-16: David Shapiro ($250k Q4) > Vern Buchanan ($199k Q4)
  • FL-19: David Holden ($17k Q4) > Francis Rooney ($11k Q4)
  • IA-01: Abby Finkenauer ($300k Q4) > Rod Blum ($146k Q4)
  • IA-04: J.D. Scholten ($174k Q4) > Steve King ($87k Q4)
  • IL-12: Brendan Kelly ($315k Q4) > Mike Bost ($248k Q4)
  • IN-02: Mel Hall ($492k Q4) > Jackie Walorski ($260k Q4)
  • IN-03: Courtney Tritch ($101k Q4) > Jim Banks ($90k Q4)
  • IN-09: Liz Watson ($170k Q4) > Trey Hollingsworth ($133k Q4)
  • MD-01: Jesse Colvin ($219k Q4) > Andy Harris ($156k Q4)
  • MI-01: Matt Morgan ($178k Q4) > Jack Bergman ($130k Q4)
  • MI-06: George Franklin ($326k Q4) > Fred Upton ($216k Q4)
  • MI-07: Gretchen Driskell ($310k Q4) > Tim Walberg’s ($287k Q4)
  • MI-08: Elissa Slotkin ($444k Q4) > Mike Bishop ($306k Q4)
  • MN-02: Angie Craig ($550k Q4) > Jason Lewis ($221k Q4)
  • MO-02: Cort Van Ostran ($118k Q4) > Ann Wagner ($109k Q4) – second quarter in a row that he outraised her.
  • NC-09: Dan McCready ($350k) > Robert Pittenger ($245k) – third quarter in a row.
  • NC-13: Kathy Manning ($530k Q4) >Ted Bud ($183k Q4)
  • NJ-03: Andy Kim ($345k Q4) > Tom MacArthur ($286k Q4)
  • NJ-04: Josh Welle ($180k Q4) & James Keady ($80k) > Chris Smith ($64k Q4)
  • NJ-07: Tom Malinowski ($525k Q4) & Lisa Mandelblatt ($265k Q4) > Leonard Lance ($236k Q4)
  • NY-01: Perry Gershon ($503K Q4) > Lee Zeldin ($426K Q4)
  • NY-19: Antonio Delgado ($425k Q4) & Pat Ryan ($317k Q4) > John Faso ($300k Q4) – second quarter in a row where they both outraised Faso. Antonio has outraised Faso every quarter this year.
  • NY-22: Anthony Brindisi ($306 Q4) > Claudia Tenney ($211k Q4). Brindisi has $18k more COH.
  • OH-01: Robert Barr ($236k Q4) > Steve Chabot ($103k Q4)
  • OH-07: Ken Harbaugh ($272k Q4) > Bob Gibbs ($86k Q4)
  • PA-06: Chrissy Houlahan ($417k Q4) > Ryan Costello ($335k Q4)
  • PA-16: Christina Hartman ($197K Q4) & Jess King ($195K Q4) > Lloyd Smucker ($133K Q4). Hartman has $20K more COH than Smucker.
  • SC-05: Archie Parnell ($340k Q4) > Ralph Norman ($82k Q4)
  • TN-01: Martin Olsen ($19k Q4) > Phil Roe ($3.7k Q4)
  • TX-31: Kent Lester ($154k Q4) > John Carter ($120k Q4)
  • UT-04: Ben McAdams ($502k Q4) > Mia Love ($460k Q4)
  • VA-05: Leslie Cockburn ($195k Q4) & Roger Dean ($190k Q4) & Ben Cullop ($106k Q4) > Tom Garrett ($91k Q4)
  • VA-07: Abigail Spanberger ($140k Q4) & Dan Ward ($288k Q4) > Dave Brat ($137k Q4)
  • WI-06: Dan Kohl ($329k Q4, $600 COH) > Glenn Grothman ($241k Q4, $510 COH)
  • WV-01: Ralph Baxter ($234k Q4) > David McKinley ($187k Q4)

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