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FUNDRAISING ROUNDUP: Over 70 Democratic challengers out-raise Republican opponents in Q2 of 2018

In the second quarter of 2018, Democrats continued to dominate in fundraising compared to Republican incumbents and Republican candidates in open seats. More than 50 Republican incumbents were outraised by Democratic challengers, with the situation even more dire in open seats after Republicans failed to recruit strong candidates.

“While Republicans are outsourcing their entire midterm strategy to Super PACs and dark money outside groups, Democrats have intentionally focused on empowering our candidates to raise the resources necessary to share their powerful stories and records of service with voters,” said DCCC Spokesperson Tyler Law. “Democrats have the infrastructure and message to capitalize on a historic surge of grassroots energy by raising record amounts from small-dollar, online contributions. There’s no question that Democrats are charging into the general elections with all the momentum.”

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