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Fung Flails on Abortion

Allan Fung isn’t fooling anyone

In the wake of the SCOTUS draft that would end the right to an abortion for millions for women, Allan Fung a mess.

When asked by the Boston Globe Providence Journal his reaction to the draft ruling, Fung lied about his record, saying Rhode Islanders had already “spoken about this issue” – but so has he.

In 2018, Fung said he opposed codifying Roe v. Wade in Rhode Island and opposed the 2019 Reproductive Privacy Act – which remains under threat to this day. (literally today

Republicans have been open about pushing a 6-week national ban on abortion and other states criminalizing abortions.

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer
“Allan Fung can’t be trusted to defend the basic rights of Rhode Islanders. His say one thing, do another political record isn’t fooling anyone.”


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