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George Logan and Mike France Support Kevin McCarthy’s Radical Agenda

House Republicans’ radical agenda has finally been released, designed to “serve as a voter messaging guide for party incumbents and candidates.”

George Logan and Mike France are running on Kevin McCarthy’s dangerous plan for America – and to no one’s surprise, it includes ripping away reproductive freedoms, health care, and hard-earned retirement benefits in Connecticut.

The House GOP plan and their priorities include:

  • Banning abortion nationwide

  • Cutting Social Security and Medicare

  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act

  • Making health care and prescription drugs more expensive

  • Defunding the DOJ and FBI

  • Undermining democracy and throwing away Americans’ votes

DCCC Spokesperson Ian Clarke
“George Logan and Mike France are dangerous ideologues who will be rubber stamps for Kevin McCarthy and other GOP extremists in Congress. This agenda is yet another reminder that a vote for Logan or France is a vote to ban abortion nationwide, drive up health care costs, and gut hard-earned benefits for Connecticut families.”


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