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George Logan Is An Anti-Gun Safety Extremist

Logan’s record would endanger Connecticut families

The last time George Logan was given political power, he endangered Connecticut communities by voting against commonsense gun safety legislation to save lives. Now, as a candidate for Congress, Logan has cozied up with anti-gun safety extremists on the campaign trail.

Logan’s record all but guarantees he would side with anti-gun safety extremists in Congress:

  • After the deadliest mass shooting in American history in Las Vegas, during which the shooter used modified guns to kill 60 people, Logan voted against a bipartisan bill to ban bump stocks and other gun modifications that make guns deadlier – he then called the bill a “waste of time” and a “political stunt,” and said it “really wasn’t an issue for Connecticut residents.”

  • Logan voted against a bipartisan safe storage law that required handgun owners to better secure weapons left unattended in vehicles.

  • Logan says if elected to Congress, he would be “very, very hesitant” to pass any gun safety bill, including a federal assault weapons ban and a federal ban on high-capacity magazines that have made mass shootings deadlier.

  • Logan also went as far to say that there was no need for further gun safety measures in Connecticut, and that it was not guns but “other factors” that led to violence in America.

DCCC Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty:
“George Logan’s extensive anti-gun safety record would endanger Connecticut families who are already too familiar with the tragedy of gun violence.”


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