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GLOVES OFF: NH-01 GOP Primary Gets Dirty

Veteran GOP Strategist: “This Is An Early Sign That This Primary Is Going To Get As Nasty As We’ve Ever Seen.”

It’s getting ugly in the NH-01 GOP primary.

Over the weekend, Gail Huff Brown attacked Matt Mowers in the Seacoast Current over his silence on disturbing sexual harassment allegations levied against his advisor and endorser and outlined in a police report.

“I wouldn’t want someone with serious allegations like that on my campaign. I can say that if true they are very, very disturbing.”

As the Current notes, “Lewandowski remains a part of the {Mowers} campaign.”

Now, the NHJournal reported on an anonymous text campaign attacking Gail Huff Brown over her confusing abortion position.

From the Journal:

“The GOP primary in the 1st Congressional District is getting ugly. Gail Huff Brown’s team calls an anonymous text campaign targeting GOP voters that misleadingly attacks her position on abortion “cowardly.” {…} The text message went out Tuesday to GOP voters attacking Huff Brown over abortion, though the extent of the message’s reach is not known.

“WHAT?? Gail Brown said she’s pro-choice. We can’t afford more wishy-washy insiders who won’t protect the unborn,” the message reads.  

A GOP Strategist even told the Journal, “This is an early sign that this primary is going to get as nasty as we’ve ever seen.” 

Huff Brown’s own opponents seemed to endorse the attacks or claim ignorance:

Huff Brown’s primary opponents had little to say about the text attack. Karoline Leavitt declined to discuss it on the record, and Matt Mowers stated he did not know anything about the text or Chuck Finely. Tim Baxter did not respond to a request for comment.

DCCC Spokesperson James Singer

“Even Republican operatives are sounding the alarm about the nasty attacks already being thrown in this GOP primary. As Republicans tear each other apart, Democrats will continue to focus on delivering for Granite State families.”


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