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GOP Agenda: Repeal Your Health Care, Raise Your Taxes

Republicans in Congress are finally exposing their extreme agenda

Republicans are coming out of the shadows to share their extreme and harmful agenda with the American people.

GOP leaders – including the man helping write the House GOP agenda – have come out in support of raising taxes on roughly 100 million Americans – with middle income households paying an average of $450 more in taxes annually.

Now, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is calling on Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act if they win back power – despite a record number of Americans signing up for coverage for 2022.

Repealing the ACA would mean higher costs, lower coverage, and no protections for pre-existing conditions for millions of Americans.

Every Republican candidate for Congress needs to make clear where they stand on stripping health care away from millions of Americans.

DCCC spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre:

“Republicans want to hurt working Americans by ripping away their health care and raising their taxes. A House Democratic majority won’t let that happen.”


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