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GOP Message Leader Invokes Racist Language In New Facebook Ads Ahead Of Pro-Insurrectionists Rally

Stefanik promotes racist “replacement theory” in latest ad to start Hispanic Heritage Month

House Republican Conference Chair and head of GOP messaging Elise Stefanik is pushing a new party line in a set of Facebook ads whose language “echoes that of far-right commentators, including Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, who have advanced a ‘replacement theory’ that says liberals are seeking to replace White citizens with non-White immigrants,” according to the Washington Post.

The ads’ blatantly racist language is just the latest sign that House Republicans plan to ignore what the majority of the American people support in favor of pleasing their extremist base.

In two years, House Republicans have gone from stripping former Rep. Steve King of his committee assignments for his racist remarks, to uplifting members like Stefanik and Rep. Scott Perry for spewing the same rhetoric.

“Elise Stefanik’s warning of an ‘insurrection’ is beyond insulting after she and her fellow caucus members spent months blocking efforts to uncover the truth behind the deadly right-wing insurrection that took place inside the U.S. Capitol thanks to Republicans’ election lies,” said DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre. “As the Capitol braces for yet another extremist right-wing rally this weekend – which Stefanik has yet to condemn – this ad proves to the American people just how out of touch and extreme House Republicans have become.”


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