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Headline Chaser Carlos Curbelo Continues Standing in the Way of DREAM Act

Today Congressman Curbelo went chasing headlines and refused to support a budget deal that did not find a solution for DREAMers.

That’s nice, but here’s the catch: Congressman Curbelo has repeatedly refused to support the DREAM Act, a bipartisan bill with 200 cosponsors, including his immediate neighbor, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. If Curbelo is truly looking for a solution to the situation DREAMers face, the DREAM Act is without a question that bill – a point DREAMers have made clearly.

“DREAMers in South Florida and across the country are waiting for Congress to come together and find a solution that secures their future in the United States,” said Javier Gamboa, DCCC spokesperson. “Congressman Curbelo has an opportunity to be a part of that bipartisan solution, but instead he has repeatedly refused to sign onto the DREAM Act while simultaneously claiming to support DREAMers. That sort of double talk is shameful and shows Curbelo’s motivation is chasing headlines to protect his political career while DREAMers’ lives hang in the balance.”

Plain and simple – if Curbelo cares about the future of DREAMers as much as he likes to claim, he’ll co-sponsor the DREAM Act. Anything else is headline chasing lip service.

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