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HEADLINES & TV CLIPS: National Day of Action Spotlights the Candidates and Activists Fueling the Republican Tax Scam Backlash

Yesterday, Democratic candidates, the DCCC’s March into ‘18 organizers, and grassroots activists led a national day of action to hold vulnerable House Republicans accountable for their Tax Scam that attacks the middle class and gives cuts to big corporations and the rich. With every credible poll showing that this Republican Tax Scam is widely – and increasingly- unpopular, the backlash to the bill is growing stronger by the day.

Take a look at some of the local coverage…

  • CA-10: SF Chronicle: Constituents are planning to protest Denham’s tax reform position Tuesday outside his Modesto office
  • CA-21: KBAK: Analysts say the GOP tax plan will hurt lower class and working people

  • CA-25: KHTS: Steve Knight’s Support Of GOP Tax Plan, Voting Record Draws Protest
  • CA-25: Santa Clarita Valley News: Protestors Push Back on Knight Tax Plan Support, Voting Record
  • CA-39: Daily Titan: Protesters gather outside Ed Royce’s office in opposition of GOP tax plan
  • IA-03: The Valley News: Theresa Greenfield Op-Ed: Greenfield says GOP tax plan won’t work for rural Iowans
  • IL-06: WMAQ: Democratic Candidates gathered in front of Peter Roskam’s office, critical of the GOP tax plan

  • MI-06: com: Petitioners ask Upton to vote against GOP tax reform bill
  • MI-08: WLNS: Group Protests Rep. Bishop’s Support of GOP Tax Plan


  • MN-02: Star Tribune Editorial: S. Tax Reform Is Too Important To Rush
  • NJ-03, NJ-11: Observer: Murphy, Democratic Congress members call GOP tax plan a ‘scam’
  • NJ-11: NJ Herald: Dueling versions of federal tax reform in N.J.
  • NY-22: Spectrum News: Brindisi Opposes GOP Tax Plan

  • NY-22: WKTV: Brindisi Rails Against GOP Tax Plan

  • NY-22: WUTQ [Radio]: Brindisi Opposes elimination of SALT deduction
  • NY-22: WIBX: Brindisi Calls on Congress to Vote No on House Tax Proposal
  • NY-22: WIBX [Radio]: Brindisi Calls on Congress to Vote No on House Tax Proposal
  • NY-22: Rome Sentinel: Brindisi rails against tax plan; Tenney fires back on spending
  • TX-07: Channel 13: Protesters Unfurl Anti-Tax Plan Banner on Dunlavy Bridge

  • TX-23: Texas Tribune: Hurd’s Democratic opponents rally against Republican tax bill

And check out some of the photos activists and candidates posted from their protests…

  • CA-21: Constituents outside of Valadao’s Office




  • CA-25 – Constituents outside of Knight’s Office

  • CA-39 – Candidates and constituents outside of Royce’s Office

  • FL-18 – Constituents protest Mast’s support of the Republican Tax Scam

  • IL-06 – Multiple candidates show unity in protesting Roskam

  • NE-02 – Bacon’s constituents show their opposition to his Tax Scam  

  • TX-23: Multiple candidates unify against Hurd’s Tax Scam  

And check out some social media…

  • CA-48: Harley Rouda

  • IA-01: Abby Finkenauer

Abby on Ryan/McConnell tax plan

I don't need to tell you that our current tax system isn't working for Iowa families – but this Ryan/McConnell plan takes the wrong approach. Check out my new video talking about one aspect of this plan that will hit working families hard, all to give corporations and the wealthiest a tax cut.And be sure to follow me on snapchat (Abby4Iowa) for more updates from the trail! #ia01

Posted by Abby Finkenauer for Congress on Monday, November 13, 2017


  • MN-02: Angie Craig

  • MN-03: Dean Phillips

  • NJ-03: Andy Kim

  • NY-19: Gareth Rhodes

  • NY-19: Antonio Delgado

  • PA-06: Chrissy Houalahn

  • PA-16: Christina Hartman

The Republican tax plan leaves the middle class out in the cold

It's chilly today in Lancaster — but do you know who is REALLY being left out in the cold? The middle class. The Republican tax scheme would give HUGE breaks to the super-wealthy while ending critical deductions for student debt, medical expenses, and state and local taxes.Plus, it would blow a $1.5 TRILLION hole in the federal deficit. What happened to fiscal responsibility?Join me in saying NO to this awful tax plan:

Posted by Christina M. Hartman on Monday, November 13, 2017

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