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On the Heels of Vote to Jeopardize Retirement Security for Iowans, Ashley Hinson Announces Campaign to Bring Extensive Anti-Worker Agenda to Washington

After years of voting against working Iowans in the Statehouse, Hinson wants to be Washington Republicans’ rubber-stamp in Congress

 After being handpicked by Washington Republicans to run in Iowa’s 1st District, Ashley Hinson today filed her candidacy – pledging to bring more of the same disastrous anti-worker policies she voted for in Des Moines to Washington and standing squarely behind her establishment backers’ efforts to gut social security, raise taxes and increase health insurance premiums for middle-class families.

In the Iowa Statehouse, Hinson repeatedly voted against the interests of working-class Iowans – including voting to jeopardize public workers’ retirement, voting to gut collective bargaining rights, voting to cancel a wage increase for tens of thousands of Iowans, and voting to cut workers’ hard-earned compensation benefits. After racking up a disastrous record in Des Moines, Hinson now wants to bring her anti-worker agenda to Congress, where she would be a rubber-stamp vote for Washington Republicans’ efforts to raise health care costs and lower wages for middle-class families.

Meanwhile, Rep. Abby Finkenauer has an unrivaled record of standing up for people across Iowa’s first district. A lifelong Iowan and the daughter of a working-class family, Finkenauer has made her life about fighting for working Iowans. After just a few months in Congress, Rep. Finkenauer has already passed legislation to help rural small businesses create more jobs, advocated for famers and workers impacted by the trade war, and worked to secure relief funding for Iowans devastated by recent flooding.

“The last thing Iowans need is Ashley Hinson bringing to Congress more of the same sort of anti-worker policies that she voted for in the Statehouse,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren. “While Rep. Abby Finkenauer has proven time and again that she’ll do whatever it takes to get real results for Iowa working families, Hinson would be a rubber-stamp for Washington Republicans’ agenda of lower wages and higher health insurance premiums for the middle-class.”


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