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HIDE AND WON’T SPEAK: April Becker Silent on Roe Repeal

Silence doesn’t hide Becker’s radical anti-choice record

April Becker has been remarkably quiet since Friday’s landmark Supreme Court Decision overturning Roe v. Wade and paving the way for Republicans in Congress to ban abortion nationwide.

But Becker’s silence can’t hide her radical anti-choice record that is entirely out of step with Nevadans, who voted to protect a woman’s right to an abortion by a two-to-one margin in 1990.

Here are the positions Becker doesn’t want Southern Nevadans to know about:

  • Becker is staunchly anti-choice and supports overturning Roe.

  • She is backed by the extremist anti-abortion group Nevada Right to Life, which wants to ban abortion without exceptions for rape or incest and said overturning Roe is “a necessary step to allow the process of ridding our nation of abortion.”

  • Becker also accepted the endorsement of Susan B. Anthony List, which applauded the drastic Texas abortion ban that allows people to collect bounties for reporting doctors or anyone else who helps women get abortions.

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw
“April Becker can try to hide her extreme anti-choice record all she wants, but unfortunately for her, Nevadans will see right through her silent act. There is only one candidate in this race who Nevadans can trust to protect their reproductive freedoms in Washington, and that’s Congresswoman Susie Lee.”


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