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House Ethics Committee Reveals New Probe into Ross Spano’s ‘Loangate’ Scandal

After Spano was slapped with complaints in August, this week the House Ethics Committee revealed a new bipartisan probe into the scandal-plagued congressman

The U.S. House Ethics Committee is officially looking into the long-running “Loangate” scandal surrounding Ross Spano’s shady financing of his 2018 campaign.

The inquiry follows an August complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics, which was apparently significant enough to cause OCE to refer it to the House Ethics Committee.

“After taking his wealthy friends’ secret money to illegally finance his campaign, Congressman Spano has officially earned himself a bipartisan probe into the campaign finance scandal dogging him for months,” DCCC spokesman Avery Jaffe said. “Every week, Ross Spano finds a new way to embarrass the people living in his district, whether it’s his central role in the Loangate campaign finance scandal or voting against lowering Floridians’ prescription drug costs.”

On Monday, the House Ethics Committee confirmed for the first time that they’re probing Spano on the scandal that’s earned the hapless congressman complaints filed with the FBI, Federal Election Commission and Office of Congressional Ethics.

Spano responded to news of the inquiry with his trademark touch of light conspiracy, suggesting – without any evidence – that the bipartisan ethics inquiry isn’t on the level, questioning its “timing and motive.”

The committee has identified November 14, 2019 as its next deadline to provide an update on the probe.

And in the meantime, Spano’s getting pummeled in the press:

Tampa Bay Times: House Ethics Committee reviewing Ross Spano campaign allegations

  • “In a news release, Deutch and ranking Republican committee member Rep. Kenny Marchant of Texas said they “have jointly decided to extend the matter regarding” Spano and that the committee will announce its course of action by Nov. 14.”
  • “Complaints to the Federal Elections Commission and the Office of Congressional Ethics have alleged that Spano borrowed $180,000 from two friends and illegally loaned the proceeds to his campaign. Spano later said he obtained a bank loan to repay his two friends, but another complaint says he hasn’t reported details of that bank loan to the FEC, as campaign finance regulations require.”
  • “Spano reported the loans to the FEC after news reports revealed them, and has since acknowledged the FEC is investigating.”

Florida Politics: Ethics probe in Ross Spano campaign finance mess extended until November

  • “The Committee filed an extension Monday on an ethics probe against Spano, but in doing so revealed it is planning to look into the matter. It’s the first time the committee has acknowledged the complaint, which it doesn’t have to investigate. The committee wrote in a press release it will announce its course of action in the matter on or before Nov. 14.”
  • “Spano came under fire after winning election last year after it was uncovered he accepted about $180,000 in loans from friends and then used those loans to fund his congressional campaign.”
  • “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has also targeted Spano as a top take-over and has been hitting the embattled Congressman over the scandal every chance they get.”

Bay News 9: Ethics Committee investigating Rep. Spano for possible campaign finance violations

  • “The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics is looking into possible campaign finance violations.”
  • “The congressman came under fire when he won in 2018. There were complaints saying that he had accepted tens of thousands of dollars in loans from friends and used those to fund his campaign.”
  • “Spano has acknowledged he may have violated campaign finance laws.”

WTSP-Ch. 10 Tampa Bay: House Ethics Committee will investigate Ross Spano

  • “In Florida, House Ethics Committee representatives say it will investigate Congressman Ross Spano over allegations of inappropriate campaign spending.
  • “Critics say the Hillsborough County Republican listed campaign donations from two friends as his own money. Spano says that was a mistake.”


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