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House Freedom Fund Endorses Jeanne Ives, Adding Fuel to the Fire of a Full-Blown GOP Civil War in IL-06’s Primary

With Tea Party Endorsement, A Race to the Right has Officially Begun

Earlier this week, the ultra-conservative House Freedom Fund announced its endorsement of Jeanne Ives, throwing fuel onto an already divisive primary that’s brewing in Illinois’ 6th district. This comes on the heels of Washington Insiders and Republican establishment naming Evelyn Sanguetti to House Republicans’ watch list of their top campaigns.

As Washington insiders and Chicago fat cats pick their ponies, Ives and Evelyn Sanguinetti will have to work hard to out-conservative each other to see who can ultimately lock-down the pinnacle: President Trump’s endorsement.

“Jeanne Ives and Evelyn Sanguinetti have already made it clear to voters in this district that they’re more interested in getting the support of President Trump and out of touch Washington insiders than they are of people in the 6th Congressional District,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana.


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