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House GOP Leaders Still Silent As Boehner Says McCarthy Should Expel Gaetz If Indicted

Silence from McCarthy and NRCC grows louder as former GOP Speaker says Gaetz must resign if he’s indicted

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner became the latest Republican to call on disgraced Congressman Matt Gaetz to resign as he faces a federal investigation and House Ethics Committee probe for sex trafficking and prostitution, after Rep. Adam Kinzinger called on Gaetz to step down last week.

Yet, we’re still hearing crickets from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and NRCC Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer.

McCarthy still refuses to say if he’ll call on Gaetz to resign or expel him from the House if he refuses to resign. And Emmer still refuses to say whether the NRCC will return the $110,000 in campaign cash it accepted from Gaetz.

Vulnerable House Republicans have also ducked and dodged questions about their embattled colleague, including Rep. Beth Van Duyne (TX-24), who appeared alongside Gaetz at a pro-Trump event last week, and several who have taken campaign cash from Gaetz:

“House Republicans’ craven silence in the face of these serious allegations against one of their own is untenable,” said DCCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “As more details come to light about Rep. Gaetz’s alleged sordid crimes, Republican leadership and vulnerable GOP Members will have to face the music and decide if they’re going to continue defending an alleged sexual predator with their silence.”


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