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Do House Republicans Back Trump’s Efforts to Block Mail-In Voting?

President Trump admitted on Fox that he’s blocking U.S. Postal Service funding to prevent the expansion of mail-in voting during the pandemic

Click here to listen as President Trump admits he’s blocking USPS funding.

In the midst of a global pandemic, President Trump and Washington Republicans have admitted that they’re sabotaging the Post Office to stop the American people from casting their ballots safely in November.

Today’s announcement comes as Washington Republicans continue touting their lies about mail in voting and voter fraud. This ploy isn’t actually new; it’s just the latest development in Republicans’ longstanding quest to suppress Americans’ ability to cast their ballots and vote.

As our nation grapples with the deadliest global pandemic in recent history, will House Republicans stand up against this assault on the American people’s right to vote and our democracy?

“Washington Republicans seem dead set on assaulting our democracy and preventing Americans from exercising their right to be heard in our democracy,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Fabiola Rodriguez. The American people deserve to know whether House Republicans will stand up for them or join their party in Washington in attacking Americans’ right to safely cast their ballot this November.”


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