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House Republicans Brace for Another Year of MAGA Losers

NBC News: “Republicans brace for 2022 losers to take another crack at winning”

Across the country, House Republicans are resigning themselves to another cycle of the same MAGA extremists who cost them their so-called “red tsunami” in 2022.

In Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, January 6th insurrectionist J.R. Majewski announced his plans to run again – despite his first campaign imploding after reports showed he misrepresented his military service. Republicans purportedly described Majewski’s operation as “lazy” and “undisciplined.” One Republican official in the district went so far as to assert that a Majewski nomination “unquestionably” means a GOP loss. 

And that’s not all. In Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, Joe Kent – who pushed false claims that the 2020 election was stolen and argued without any evidence that his own loss was illegitimate – is also running again.

DCCC Spokesperson Viet Shelton:
“Republicans sold out to MAGA extremism years ago and never looked back. Their unelectable candidates are back once again to prove how profoundly out of touch Republicans are with working families across the country. So much for ‘candidate quality.’”


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