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House Republicans Court Plan to Raise Taxes and Sunset Social Security

Yesterday, the Republican Study Committee met with Sen. Rick Scott again as he pitched them to back his plan to raise taxes on millions of Americans and sunset away essential programs like Social Security and Medicare. 158 House Republicans sit on the committee including several vulnerable incumbents.

Every single Republican must explain to their constituents what promises they made to support Rick Scott’s plan if the GOP wins majorities.

As a reminder: A non-partisan analysis of the GOP plan to raise taxes on roughly 100 million Americans found:

  • Middle-income households would pay an average of $450 more in taxes.

  • Americans would pay $100 billion more in federal income taxes in 2022 alone.

  • More than 80 percent of the tax increase would be paid by households making about $54,000 or less, and 97 percent would be paid by those making less than about $100,000.

Despite consistent GOP opposition, House Democrats have passed legislation that would drive down costs and get inflation under control. Meanwhile, Republicans like Reps. Young Kim and Michelle Steel have welcomed Sen. Scott’s campaign support and his agenda to raise taxes with open arms. Voters deserve to know where congressional candidates stand when it comes to Scott’s plan.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia:
“While Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to lower costs for families, the GOP objects and instead courts a plan that would raise taxes on millions of middle and lower income families and rip away earned benefits.”


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