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House Republicans Preparing to Make AMERICAN TAXPAYERS Foot the Bill for Unpopular, Impractical, Ineffective Border Wall

House Republicans’ first week has been an utter disaster, further emphasizing why Democrats are on offense all across the country

Just when we thought they could not sink any lower this week, it was revealed yesterday that House Republicans are preparing to make hardworking Americans foot the bill for an impractical, ineffective and economically devastating border wall. Yet again, House Republicans are proving their intent to run with an invisible mandate, after Donald Trump lost the popular vote by millions of votes, and House Republicans lost seats despite winning the presidency.

As CNN reported, the “move would break a key campaign promise” that Trump Republicans made. But this should come as no surprise, as it fits with longstanding Republican history of not caring about deficits or protecting taxpayer money when they control government.

“House Republicans and Donald Trump have wasted no time in breaking their promise to voters by preparing to waste massive amounts of American taxpayer money on an infeasible wall instead of focusing on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, creating jobs, and more effective approaches to improving our national security,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “There’s no question that Republicans across the country must answer as to why they think lighting taxpayer money on fire and blowing a hole in the deficit should be a top priority, especially for this impractical and ineffective wall.”

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