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House Republicans Scramble To Take Credit For Wildly Popular Relief Bill They Voted Against

House Republicans voted “NO” but took the dough, Democrats delivered

After abandoning their constituents by voting no on the American Rescue Plan, House Republicans are now promoting its benefits and even taking credit for the critical economic relief. 

Clean up in the Minority aisle: As the American Rescue Plan enjoys record popularity with the American people, House Republicans are promoting its benefits even after their” NO” votes in hopes of clinging to its success. A growing number of House Republicans, including vulnerable GOP Rep. Beth Van Duyne, are promoting its benefits as if they supported the bill. And they’re getting dragged in the press for their dishonesty:

Another mess: As divisions deepen in the Republican caucus ahead of the NRCC retreat this weekend, NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer is still mum on whether he’ll return the $175,000 Marjorie Taylor Greene pledged to the NRCC, even after she attempted to launch a white supremacist caucus. Meanwhile, Taylor Greene and Rep. Gaetz, facing an FBI investigation for sex trafficking crimes, are set to tour the nation attacking Republicans. It’s no wonder House Republicans are looking for something else to talk about — too bad for them they haven’t been doing anything to serve the American people. 

Speaker Pelosi said it best: House Republicans will vote no and take the dough. Here’s the list of Republican grifters misleading their constituents:

NY-21: Elise Stefanik
NY-01: Lee Zeldin
NY-02: Andrew Garbarino
NY-22: Claudia Tenney
NC-11: Madison Cawthorn
IN-06: Greg Pence
TX-24: Beth Van Duyne
WA-03: Jaime Herrera Butler

DCCC Spokesperson Chris Taylor 

“Republicans in Congress have spent the last few months dividing Americans after a deadly insurrection at the Capitol and clinging to Marjorie Taylor Greene even after her attempt to launch a white supremacist caucus. Distracted by Dr. Seuss and QAnon conspiracies, now House Republicans want credit after denying critical economic relief to the American people – voters will see right through their hollow rhetoric. Democrats in Congress are laser focused on delivering for the American people by getting shots in arms, cash in pockets, kids back in school, and American workers back on the job.”


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