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House Republicans Show Stunning Lack of Courage & Sense of Duty

After yesterday’s report by the New York Times and Donald Trump Jr.’s self-incriminating Twitter meltdown, we know for certain that the Trump campaign was willing and eager to collude with the Russian government in an attempt to distort and undermine our democracy.

Speaker Ryan and his House Republican Caucus have shown the strongest complicity. Ryan has repeatedly demonstrated a slavish devotion to an Administration that is threatening the fabric of our Democracy. It’s sad to watch.

“On issue after issue, Speaker Ryan and House Republicans are kowtowing to the Trump Administration rather than doing what is right for America and right for their constituents,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “This shameful lack of courage and willingness to put country over party is symptomatic of the entire House Republican Caucus and threatens to damage the Republican Party far into the future.”

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