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Do House Republicans Support Cutting Off Unemployment Relief for 36 Million Americans?

President Trump opposes extending weekly $600 unemployment insurance benefit boost

In a closed-door meeting yesterday, President Trump signaled his intention to cut off a vital boost to unemployment insurance benefits for the more than 36 million American workers laid-off due to COVID-19. As unemployment skyrockets past Great Depression levels and Americans face difficult decisions on how to keep their families afloat, House Republicans are refusing to stand up to their party in Washington and put everyday Americans first by supporting legislation to extend these benefits for millions of struggling Americans.

Their refusal comes as House Republicans continue to back the Administration’s lawsuit to dismantle the ACA amid a global pandemic, a move that would rip health care away from 20 million people and let insurance companies discriminate against COVID-19 patients.

Statement From DCCC Spokesperson Darwin Pham

“Washington Republicans seem dead set on cutting off relief to the working families most impacted by this crisis. Americans deserve to know whether House Republicans will stand on their side or with their party in Washington, leaving them and their families to fend for themselves during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.”


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