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Hurd downplays seriousness of Trump actions, puts party ahead of country

It’s no secret that political courage is in short supply among Washington Republicans. And yesterday, when Congressman Will Hurd had the chance to show he was cut from a different cloth than Paul Ryan and his party of President Trump apologists, he once again failed to put our country first. Hurd said President Trump “made inappropriate comments” when asked about James Comey’s testimony before Congress where he described the President potentially obstructing justice in the FBI’s investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“Will Hurd ought to know the difference between ‘inappropriate comments’ and obstruction of justice. Folks in South Texas don’t need a representative who spends his time carrying water for the President,” said Cole Leiter DCCC spokesperson. “They need a representative who they can count on to put our country first and stand up for the sanctity of our elections. Apparently Congressman Hurd misunderstands who he works for, but voters in Texas are more than happy to set the record straight next November.”


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