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HYPOCRITE: Tom Kean Jr. and GOP Attacks of “Pandemic Profiteering” Ring Hollow After Kean Is Exposed For Stock Trades

For months, Tom Kean Jr. and his dark money allies launched attacks against those who made stock trades during the pandemic. They called stock trades during the pandemic “self-service” and screeched it was “pandemic profiteering” among a myriad of ugly partisan attack ads.

Well, it turns out Kean Jr. and his GOP allies are full of it.

This weekend, NJ Advance reported Kean Jr. used his family’s money to buy and sell stocks during the pandemic.

From NJ Advance:  

During the coronavirus pandemic last year, he sold at least $175,000 worth of stock, including in Johnson & Johnson, which developed one of the three approved vaccines to fight COVID-19.

And earlier this year, the Kean Family Partnership, which he owns a one-third interest in, bought at least $15,000 worth of stock in Becton, Dickinson & Co., a Franklin Lakes-based medical company that produces COVID-19 tests, according to his federal financial disclosure form

We aren’t surprised Kean Jr., desperate to not lose another run at a federal office, would stoop to such low heights of hypocrisy — we’re just disappointed.


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