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Republicans criticize programs that helped their own businesses

Republicans have criticized the programs that got America’s small businesses through the pandemic and back on track, but new reporting reveals that these candidates’ talking points contradict their own actions. In fact, Republicans running for office have accepted millions in PPP loans and federal grants, despite railing against the legislation that helped their own businesses.

Included in the report is:

  • AZ-02 candidate Eli Crane who took a $69,296.75 PPP loan in April 2020 for the business he owns.

  • AZ-06 candidate Juan Ciscomani whose business received a $2,117 PPP loan in May 2020.

  • CA-09 nominee Tom Patti whose crane service company received a $31,722 PPP loan in April 2020.

  • CA-41 Rep. Ken Calvert who holds at least a quarter million worth of stock in a real estate firm he created and owned, which took a $7,000 PPP loan in May 2020.

  • CA-45 Rep. Michelle Steel whose husband’s law firm received a $170,800 PPP loan in April 2020.

  • NC-14 nominee Pat Harrigan whose weapons manufacturing company, ZRODelta, received a $312,800 PPP loan in April 2020.

  • NJ-03 nominee Bob Healey whose foundation received a $56,556.32 PPP loan in April 2020.

  • NJ-07 nominee Tom Kean Jr. is a partner and holds a stake of at least half a million dollars in Greener By Design LLC, which received a $171,781 PPP loan in January 2021.

  • NV-03 nominee April Becker whose family businesses received at least $600,000 PPP loans.

  • NV-04 nominee Sam Peters whose insurance company received a $72,055 PPP loan in February 2021.

  • OR-06 nominee Mike Erickson whose logistics consulting company AFMS received a $156,648.80 PPP loan in April 2020.

  • PA-07 nominee Lisa Scheller whose business received a $2 million PPP loan in January 2021 and a $3,096,400 loan in April 2020.

  • WI-03 candidate Derrick Van Orden whose company received $299,980 in contracts funded by federal COVID-19 relief funds.

Each of these Republicans have criticized these programs directly or federal assistance in general.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia:
“The hypocrisy from these Republicans proves that they are only in it for themselves. While they railed against critical pandemic relief Democrats delivered for working families, they were all too happy to pocket assistance for themselves.”


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