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ICYMI: Andrew Garbarino Chose Big Pharma Over Long Island Families

Garbarino pockets thousands of dollars from big pharma while voting against lowering drug costs

New reporting from the American Independent yesterday detailed that after receiving thousands of dollars in campaign donations from the pharmaceutical industry, Andrew Garbarino is happily doing big pharma’s bidding in Congress.

As a reminder, Garbarino voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, legislation that will cap drug prices for Medicare recipients across the country, and voted against the Affordable Insulin Now Act which would have capped the out-of-pocket cost for insulin at $35 per month.

Garbarino has always put his corporate donors above Long Island families– in 2020 he voted against protections for preexisting conditions right after taking thousands of dollars from big Pharma.

Yet again, Garbarino chose lining his own pockets over people, putting corporations over Long Island families. 

DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre
“Andrew Garbarino has repeatedly voted against legislation to lower prescription drug costs for New Yorkers – and we know he’ll do it again if given the chance. Garbarino has a proven track record of choosing corporations and special interests over Long Island families, and voters will eagerly elect new leadership in November who actually deliver for them.”


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