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ICYMI: Ashley Hinson Voted No and Took The Dough, Taking Credit for Infrastructure Investments in Iowa She Opposed

Hinson the Hypocrite gets slammed for lying to Iowans after she touted infrastructure investments she voted against

In case you missed it, Ashley Hinson is taking heat for trying to rewrite her record of opposing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which is already delivering critical resources to fix roads and bridges, improve broadband, and ease supply chain pressures in Iowa.

Yesterday, Hinson the Hypocrite brazenly tried to claim credit for securing “game-changing” funding to modernize and expand locks and dams on the Mississippi River – after opposing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which funded the project.

When Hinson had the chance to work across the aisle to deliver for her constituents, she sided with her Washington party bosses and voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, calling it “Washington gamesmanship” and “spending at its worst.”


Washington Post: Iowa, Texas Republicans hail benefits from Biden infrastructure bill they opposed

  • Republican Reps. Ashley Hinson (Iowa) and Kay Granger (Tex.) voted against the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal that President Biden signed into law last November, criticizing it as “spending at its worst” and arguing that it was emblematic of a socialist push by the Democratic Party.

  • But now that money from the package is starting to reach their home states, the two Republicans are touting the achievements of a bill they vociferously opposed.

  • In a statement Wednesday, Hinson celebrated the allocation of $829.1 million in funding from the infrastructure deal — one of the Biden administration’s key achievements — for the modernization of locks and dams on the Mississippi River, which borders her Iowa district.


  • In a November statement, Hinson described efforts to pass the infrastructure bill as having been “torpedoed by partisan politics.” The need, she said, to make “meaningful investments” in infrastructure “was sacrificed to advance a partisan, socialist spending spree.


  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also called out Hinson, with spokeswoman Elena Kuhn accusing her of trying to “rewrite her record.”

HuffPost: More Republicans Take Credit For Infrastructure Funding They Voted Against

  • With money starting to flow in for new projects around the country thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law Congress approved last year, more Republicans are attempting to take credit despite the fact that they opposed the legislation.

  • In a press release issued by her office on Wednesday, Rep. Ashley Hinson (R) touted “game-changing” funding of $829 million announced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that is aimed toward modernizing locks and dams on the Mississippi River, which borders her Eastern Iowa district.


  • But back in November, before the $1.2 trillion measure passed into law, Hinson called the bill “a raw deal for Iowans” and “spending at its worst.” 

Iowa Starting Line: Hinson Takes Credit for Infrastructure Funds She Labeled as ‘Socialist,’ Voted Against

  • US Rep. Ashley Hinson compared the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to socialism, but that didn’t stop her from taking credit for funds from the legislation that she voted against.

  • The US Army Corps of Engineers allocated $829.1 million from the infrastructure bill to modernize the lock and dam system on the upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers. The Mississippi River runs alongside a portion of Hinson’s congressional district.

  • In sharing a press release from her office about the project, Hinson tweeted “BREAKING: We secured $829 million in federal funding to upgrade locks & dams along the Upper Mississippi River.”

  • While it is true Hinson has advocated for targeted infrastructure updates on Iowa’s waterways, the Republican freshman legislator not only voted against the infrastructure act that’s funding the Mississippi River project, she slammed it as “Washington Gamesmanship” when it passed.

POLITICO Playbook 

  • Ashley Hinson boasted that “we secured” $829 million in federal funding to restore locks and dams in her state. “This is game-changing for Iowa’s agriculture industry & our Mississippi River communities!” she tweeted. The money, however, was part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill — which Hinton voted against.

MSNBC: Republicans want credit for infrastructure bill they voted against

  • When it came time to vote up or down on the infrastructure package, Hinson voted with her party against the bill. The congresswoman soon after issued a written statement, condemning the bipartisan legislation as “a partisan, socialist spending spree.” In fact, the Iowan referred to “socialist” or “socialism” in her statement four times.

  • Yesterday, however, as this “socialist spending spree” started benefiting her constituents, Hinson issued a new statement, claiming she “helped lead” on this issue.

Quad City Times: Iowa, Illinois lawmakers announce $829 million plan to upgrade Mississippi River locks and dams

  • Iowa and Illinois lawmakers on Wednesday announced the largest investment in lock and dam funding in several decades as a result of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.


  • Hinson, though, voted against the infrastructure bill, which Democrats jumped on.

  • “Ashley Hinson’s sad and desperate attempt to take credit for funding she opposed is a slap in the face to the farmers, small business owners, and communities that will benefit from these ‘game-changing’ investments in Iowa’s infrastructure,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson Elena Kuhn said in a statement.

The Hill: Swalwell slams House Republican for touting funding in bill she voted down

  • Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) slammed Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) on Thursday for touting funding lawmakers secured to improve locks and dams in her home state that was tucked away in a sweeping $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill she voted against last year.


  • His criticism came in response to a tweet Hinson made the day before promoting the more than $800 million in federal funding secured in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), a major component of President Biden’s legislative agenda, that she described as a game-changer for the agriculture industry in her home state.


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